Weekly Programs

Hey Dee Ho Music and Movement - Monday

Singing, dancing, Auslan signing, playing, giggling. The Hey Dee Ho music program is one of the highlights of our children’s week. Each age group gets its own 30 minute session with a music specialist who teaches songs, leads the dance moves and encourages our children to play the tambourine, triangle or maracas. Each week the music programs develop: fine and gross motor skills through puppets and action songs; spatial awareness through dances and use of hula hoops; language skills through rhymes, drama and songs from other cultures.


Resilience Program - Tuesday

The program's objectives are to introduce positive mental health strategies at a key point in children's emotional development; to involve parents and carers via the family journal, ensuring they have practical strategies to build resilience for themselves and their children; to build educator capacity and awareness of practical strategies to build resilience within their community and children.

The program concentrates on the following four key pillars:

Gratitude - appreciating what you have, not focusing on what you dont have ;

Empathy - thinking of the needs of others/kindness ;

Mindfulness - being present in the moment, brining an awareness to thoughts and emotions ;

Emotional literacy - the ability to understand and express feelings and know how to manage them.


Creative Arts Program - Wednesday

Creative Arts is a program to support children's imagination and innovation through art, dance, dramatic play or theatre, puppetry and music.

The creative arts program aims to provide children with opportunities to express themselves as supported by provocation and open-ended resources.

The creative arts program creates the opportunity to engage children across all domains including cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical.  It is deliberately open-ended, fosters divergent thinking and supports the process without particular attention on the product.

The program provides opportunities for childrent to express their natural creativity, enhance their skills including;

  • Accept challenges: Confident to accept new challenges with new ideas, tools and materials
  • Problem Solving Skills: Recognise that there are many possible solutions to the new challenge they face
  • Self-regulation: Recognise and accept their feelings
  • Appreciation: Appreciate their uniquie characteristics and expressions
  • Resilience: Improves their skills to continue to explore, discover and explore again


Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program - Thursday

Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Program is the formation of an individual program based on the Early Years (Preschool) syllabus established by Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. It is a hands on, seasonal approach to pleasurable food education which includes many fun activities for Preschool aged children that link beautifully to the five learning outcomes in the Early Years Learning Framework.

Through play based learning, children will enjoy hands on cooking and gardening experiences that will encourage each and every child to develop a strong sense of identity and wellbeing.

Ultimately the children will experience the joys of growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh, seasonal delicious food.


Language Program - Friday

The French Immersion Program takes place in all age groups and encourages learning through songs, games, and interactive videos. During the program we will explore colours, fruit, animals, greetings and introductions, numbers and finally moving onto themes. As the local schools in the City of Port Phillip teach French, we are consciously preparing the children for their next step.

The benefits of learning a second language in preschool are numerous, and will positively impact children's acedemic and professional lives. Bilingual children have been shown to have better critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, are more creative, enhanced memory and better multi-tasking abilities. All these things result in better academic performance.

Our French Immersion Program is also combined with the Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) Program for our 4 year old funded children which is an Australian Government Program which is aimed at teaching Preschool children a second language through fun and interactive digital sessions.