The Committee of Management comprises six parents of present and past children and our Centre Director Kate Hall.

We meet monthly to run through all things important to the running of Neighborhood House. The committee also provides an avenue for parents to have input into the centre, as well as a voice for the broader community.

Names and positions of management committee

Oliver Oostermeyer

President - with Rebecca, Clementine, Gus and Edward.  Contact 0413 573 787





Samm Meagher
Secretary – with Rosie, Stella, Tilly Ginger
  & Louie.  Contact 0412 688 325

David (Beaver) Tayles
Project Manager - with Ned.  Contact 0408 538 878



Kate Hall
Director & Council Liaison – with Sarah & Ben. Contact: 0412 132 299


Anna Beynon

Committee Member - with Peter, Priscilla, Chloe and Charlie.  Contact 0412 237 905





 Amy Guy

Liaison Officer - with Anthony, Hamish, Findlay, Arabella, Annabel and Meredith.  Contact 0421 983 639




Matthieu von der Muhll

 Committee member - with Amy, Cosette and Dashi.  Contact 0409 133 561